Live Bands
Sound clips from previous customers
Lute Film and Sound Clips:
Floris de Ryker
An album available to listen or download featuring a 7 course lute in E made by me. (please copy and paste this link into the URL box)
This clip is of Floris de Ryker playing the same 7course lute in E.

Gittern Film and Sound Clips:
Marc Lewon

Martyn Paynes on Youtube - Sounds from the Oth 1
Martyn Paynes on Youtube - Sounds from the Oth 2

Harp Film and Sound Clips:
2 tracks featuring my gothic harps - Douce dame debonaire & Fuelle et Flor via MP3 demos

Film clip - Medieval Songs for Mary Magdalen

Whiteraven Recording
MP3 sample of gothic bray harp made by me, Track list No. 3 Amoroso
Made by Hands of Britain
Directory of individual crafts people on which I have another series of web pages.
Phil Bleazey
Maker of woodwinds
Sean Jones
Maker of renaissance bagpipes
Renate Fink
Maker of viola da gambas
Harp Connections
Beginners/creative harp courses run by Rebecca Penkett using my harps
Lynda Sayce
British lutenist, owner of one of my gitterns
Richard York
Multi-instrumentalist specialising in historical performance. A previous customer and thoroughly nice man!
Caliban's Dream
A trio of two musicians and a dancer of medieval and tudor music
Christoph Greuter
Swiss lute player. Has recorded with one of my gitterns
Kenneth Sparr's lute and guitar site
English Lute Society
Wire Strung
All things relating to the wire strung harp
Irish Harp School
American Historical Harp Society
Ted Nichelson
Harpist. List of useful resources on links page.
Clarsach Society, London
Worx Stagetech
Sound and Lighting solutions
Cristyn Williams
Harp Teacher
Harpist Directory
Tonetech Tonewoods
Luthier supplies
Fish Records
Specialist CD sales
Craft and Design Magazine
Directory of individual crafts people
Folk music website
UK Folk Music
Useful general information website
Folk music website