This small harp is ideal:
  • to explore pitch, notation, rhythm and scales with the visual reference of the coloured c & f strings.
  • to encourage co-ordination, dexterity and muscle use of both hands equally which provides a solid basis for playing any musical instrument.
  • for those who require a good quality, handcrafted and lightweight instrument that is small enough to travel with conveniently.
  • for teachers as a very affordable option should they require several small harps to offer simultaneous tuition to a group of pupils.
  • for parents as it's an excellent way for your child to learn about music. Kids love to pick up musical instruments but for the parents this can often become difficult as many instruments can sound pretty awful in the hands of a complete novice -- however good the intention. This is not the case with a small harp, on which it is actually quite difficult to make an unpleasant sound, regardless of ability.